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What is Autism Educates?

Autism Educates is where you go to learn the most up-to-date helpful tips and strategies to assist your child or student! Life no longer needs to be so hard. Whether you are a parent, teacher, autism professional, or person on the autism spectrum, I have something here to assist you.

Autism Educates will help you


Autism Educates is here to help you CONNECT with your child, other families, and teachers. We are helping others ACCEPT and understand autism. By educating yourself and others, learning how to better connect with your child, and teaching yourself and others how to accept autism, you and your child will THRIVE! 

About Jennifer Lingle, M.Ed., President and Founder:

Jen started as a classroom teacher in 1999 and experienced, first-hand, the triumphs and tribulations that come with working with incredible individuals with autism. She met parents who were exhausted, overwhelmed, and had absolutely no idea how to help their kids in their homes. Watching parents struggle day in and day out was difficult for her to witness. Teaching in the classroom is an incredible profession. However, working with parents and children in their homes sets the foundation for a successful future. There is no feeling in the world like providing you with strategies that work, so that you can have more control over you and your child’s life.

In 2006, Jen founded Autism Consulting and Training, Inc. a thriving company that enables her to work with parents, teachers, and children around the world in their homes, schools, and communities.

In 2012, she started, because she knows how overwhelming it can be to navigate the spinning world of autism. She has brought her many years of experience, education, and knowledge to you in an easily accessible format.

Not only does Autism Educates teach others about autism, but it also allows autism to educate others. Jen believes that we live in a society where we can make changes to our environment to meet the needs of all populations of people. She also believes that autism has so much to teach this world and that is the reason she created…for us to help each other.

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Interested in working with Jennifer Lingle, M.Ed.?

one-on-oneHere’s how she can help you:

One-on-One with Children, Parents, and Educators

Jen currently works one-on-one with children and parents in Asheville, North Carolina. Because of the time, dedication, and focus that each client deserves, Jen only works with a handful of families per year.

If you live in the Asheville area and you think this is the right fit for your child, please click here to set up a free call to find out more info.

Don’t live in Asheville, but you are in need of support? No worries, Jen also provides one-on-one guidance to families around the world through telephone and online support. Click here to learn more.