Let Families Know You Care

By:  Jennifer Lingle, M.Ed.

What can you do today to let your students’ parents know you care?

At some point today (or during this week), let the parents or caregivers of your students know that you recognize their challenges, and then tell them that they are doing an AMAZING JOB!

This message can be relayed verbally (when the parent drops off or picks up the child), or you can send a short note home.  Recognizing the challenges that someone is going through helps others know that you are on the same team.  It shows parents that you support them, believe in them, and understand what they are going through.

Providing positive feedback such as, “You are doing a fantastic job!” can really make a parent’s day.  Your students’ parents may not have a support system other than you.  If this is the case, how often are they recognized for their hard work?

I know it may not be easy to find the time to give credit to all of the parents of the students in your class.  However, think of what a difference your acknowledgement can make in the lives of the families you serve.  You will not just improve the quality of life of your students, but entire families.

Please share below: How do you let others know that you care?

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