Prepare Your Child for the Holidays

By Jennifer Lingle, M.Ed.

I am not sure if you listened to my teleseminar about the holidays yet, which  discussed, “How to get through your winter break without a breakdown.”  It is very important to respect your child’s need for routine and structure, even during his winter break.  A vacation for you may include relaxing without a plan, but even if your child doesn’t have school or therapy (which is probably relaxing in and of itself for him), he still needs to know what is coming next in his day.  Whenever there are BIG changes in your schedule, which is usually the case during the holidays, be sure to let your child know ahead of time by using photos, symbols, or words.  If you are going out of town, bring a schedule with you.  Show him photographs of where it is that you are going.  Oh, and remember that different places have different rules, so be sure to review the  rules with him.  You want to set your child up for success.

Happy Holidays to you!




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