Consider after-school activities for your child.

It is very easy for you and your child to get stuck in a daily routine of coming home from school, having a snack, doing homework, having downtime, dinnertime, and then bedtime.  I encourage you to consider after-school activities for your child to promote additional positive social experiences.

Sports can make some parents nervous, because you may feel that your child doesn’t interact well enough with other children to benefit.  There are some sports, however, that don’t involve too much interaction, but just enough to give your child a great social experience.  In addition, exercise is great for calming down some sensory behaviors.

Here are some great sports that meet these criteria…

1. Swimming

2. Karate

3. Yoga

4. Track

5. Gymnastics

If you think that your child would benefit from a social skills playgroup, but you don’t have one in your area…start one!

1. Go to to start a group

2. Talk to your local library

3. Talk to your local religious organization (church/synagogue/mosque)

4. Reach out to homeschooling organizations

It is very likely that if you are looking for an after-school socialization opportunity, other families are too.

Also, reach out to the parents of your child’s classmates.  Ask your child’s teacher if she can send a note home to parents to request a play date.  Many parents may want to do the same, but are afraid to ask.


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