Use strong visual cues to help your child know when it’s time to get out of bed.

Many families report that their children wake up the middle of the night, singing, scripting, or loudly playing with toys.  Help your child by creating visual rules of your  expectations for when  he wakes up.  Place a picture of a stop sign on the door, so he can see that he needs to stop and stay in his room.  Place a morning snack in his room, so if he wakes up before everyone else, he can have his snack.  Create an independent morning station in his room, so he knows what quiet activities he can do or what toys he can play with if he wakes up (the activities should not be too rewarding).  Try placing his bedroom light on a timer.  When the light is off, he needs to stay in his room.  When the light is on, he can come out. If your child can tell time, place a digital clock next to his bed, along with a visual of what time it is okay to get out of bed or leave the room. It’s also important to create a quiet, calm bedroom environment, free from extremely distracting toys.


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