Stop Runners

Stop children from running out of your classroom, by using stop signs.

I will never forget the year that my principal gave me a classroom with THREE EXITS and 8 children with severe autism…not a good combination to say the least.  If you have students that tend to run and escape, place stop signs on all of the doors.  Only use one door in your classroom so you are not bringing attention to the other doors.

You can also try the following strategies:

1. Make a silly, distracting noise if your students tend to run off in the halls.

2. Use a stop sign in the hall, and teach your students to stop when they see the sign.

3. Try not to obviously chase your students if they run, so that they don’t think of escaping as a game.

4. Always make sure that safety is your number one concern.  Steer your students away from exits, or dangerous areas in school, by distracting them or physically guiding them.

5. Use visuals to set rules and guidelines.

6. Ensure that your students return to the initial tasks, so that they don’t learn that running gets them out of undesired activities.

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