Respect sensory needs during the holidays!

In honor of my 3-day tour (I will be presenting in Georgia and South Carolina on Autism and Sensory Environments) this week, I am providing you with a tip to assist your child with sensory overwhelm this Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it).

Be aware of how many things you bring into your home over the Thanksgiving break that may really affect your child’s sensory system: scented candles, new foods, family’s perfume and fabric softeners, lots of voices, the football game in the background, and then the request to sit for a long period of time to eat dinner.  Whew!  How overwhelming is that?  Respect your child’s sensory needs by allowing him to escape into his bedroom if he needs to.  If you are going to somebody else’s home, be sure you have a plan set up if your child needs a break.  Have fun preparing your home for Thanksgiving, but just be aware of your environment during the process.

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