Send Home Photographs

cameraParents love receiving photos of their children.  You can send home notes, explain accomplishments during meetings, or send them emails.  However, when you send home a picture showing a milestone or accomplishment, it can really make a parent’s day.  Your school may require that a release be signed by families, but take that extra step and encourage a signature.  So many of our students are not at a point where they are writing or drawing.  It may be difficult to show actual work samples.  By taking a photograph, and visually sharing accomplishments with families (either with a physical photo, texting the photo, or emailing the photo), you are giving parents a glimpse into your classroom.  You are also bridging the gap between home and school, and letting parents know how proud you are of their children.  Get snapping!

A note for families and educators:  Every week I will provide you with a tip, strategy, or article to help bridge the gap between homes and schools.  Some weeks, our tip will be for parents and caregivers, and some weeks for educators.  Please share these tips with people on your team, so that everyone is working together to improve the quality of life for you and your child with autism.  I know your spare time is limited, so I will keep these tips short, sweet, and extremely valuable.  Happy day to you!

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