Let him do it by himself!

ShoesI know! I know! You are rushing out the door and the last thing you have time for is to stop…and wait…and wait some more…for your sweet child to tie his shoes. I totally get it. However, how is he ever going to learn to tie (or Velcro) his own shoes if he isn’t given the chance? I know that it may seem like you never have enough time, but it’s amazing what the universe will do for you when you add some patience and time into your schedule. Suddenly, you realize that you actually did have a few minutes of extra time.

Encourage your child to do things for himself like: wiping his mouth, wiping the table, washing his hands, wiping his bottom, putting on his shoes, and brushing his hair.

Promoting independence can really empower your child!

Cheers to making time to take time,


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