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Autism_SchoolHere are 5 of the most important skills to focus on before school starts:

1. Social Questions – Before school starts, talk to your child about appropriate topics of conversation that might help him engage with his peers. Together, make a list of topics and questions that will help him converse with his peers. Discuss his interests, others’ interests, and how to show others that he is interested in what they are talking about.
2. Role-Play – Practice different scenarios that your child may encounter on his first day of school. Keep in mind that he may be meeting another child for the first time. Play both sides of the conversation. For example, you can pretend to be your child, and then you can pretend to be the other child in the conversation.
3. Review Rules – Before school starts, ask the classroom teacher for a set of rules. Write out the rules. Using symbols and words is always a great idea, and may be necessary for your child. Talk about any abstract concepts, such as the words respect, inside voices, and hands and body to himself.
4. Review the Schedule – Before school starts, you should also ask the teacher for the daily schedule. Just like with the visual rules, review the schedule with your child so that he knows what to expect.
5. Asking for Help – Remind your child what he should do if he needs help. Should he raise his hand? Should he call out? Who should he talk to if he is in need of assistance? If your child is verbal, it’s important to teach him to ask for the specific thing that he needs help with. For example, instead of just saying, “Help me please,” he should say, “Help me tie my shoe please.”

Social skills can be tricky, but this is a great starting point. For more guidance and suggestions on social skills, check out our upcoming Social Skills Club. It starts THIS MONDAY!

The Social Club

For parents who are trying to help their children with autism navigate social challenges.

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