It’s a brand new day

I knew that having a baby would be filled with learning experiences. I mean every single moment of every day I am learning new things about my son. It’s pretty cool to watch him experience life for the first time, and learn about his reactions to the environment as he experiences them. I can only imagine what it’s like to see things through his eyes. I am loving it…but I am truly exhausted.

My husband and I knew that we were going to be tired. Everybody said, “Get your sleep now. Because once you have a baby, you pretty much never sleep again.” We thought, yah yah, we will be different. After all, I am a child specialist, I could certainly figure out a way to manage things so that we could sleep through the night!

Bwah ha ha! I am humbled…sleep has never been the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no regrets and am incredibly grateful that I get to experience sleepless nights. Just when I think, I can’t do this. How am I going to get through the night? Bryton will smile or coo, or do something so darn precious, that I forget how exhausted I am.

My new mantra is, IT’S A BRAND NEW DAY. Every morning, I wake up and I think that to myself. Some mornings I even say it aloud to Bryton or to my husband. Heck, I even wrote it on the dry-erase board on our fridge right under our grocery list. I remind myself that we get another day to try a new strategy, to learn something new, to love, to be parents, and to experience this miracle of our son.

Working with children and families affected by autism has definitely given me insight into the exhaustion that parents feel. But now, I have a whole new perspective and what I want to say to you is TODAY IS A BRAND NEW DAY. Embrace it. You don’t get another one like it. When you feel like you have hit a wall, and you don’t know what to do, take a deep breath, learn from the experience, and know that today you get a fresh start.

What do you tell yourself when you are trying to get through stressful times?


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