Three Things Autism Specialists Usually Know Almost Instantly About Your Child

Autism Specialists don’t know everything about your child, that is for certain. However, there are 3 things that they usually know before even meeting him. This is not to say that your child is not a unique, incredible individual. But rather, he is a complicated awesome being who wants you to know the following truths so that you can better understand him.

First, he wants to be respected. This goes for sensory, social, physical, and emotional needs. The world is an overwhelming place and your child experiences his environment differently than the average bear, and that’s okay. In fact, that’s great! He needs you to not just respect his needs, but advocate for him by letting others know about these necessities.

You may need to make changes to the world around him to make it easier for him to cope and be successful. So, when you go to a friend’s house, you are out in the community, or even when you are just hanging out at home, it’s important to think about his needs and make accommodations to his environment to help him.

Second, your child wants to be challenged. Even if things are difficult, he probably wants to take a stab at it. Otherwise, he will likely stay right where he is, and might not flourish.

Parents often report, “My child can’t do that,” or “I never tried that with him before because I don’t think he will understand it.” When you are living your life day-in and day-out, it’s hard to see the light and find hope. However, there are so many growth opportunities out there if just given the chance.

Your child will continue to amaze you if you give him opportunities to handle new situations and stretch his comfort zone a little more (while still respecting his needs). One of the best feelings in the world is when your child looks at you, and you know that he is thinking, thank you for believing in me.

Last but not least, he wants you to figure out how to connect with him.

Many people think that autism means that a person is happiest by himself. By all means, this can be true, but not for everyone. Your child may yearn to connect with you and he doesn’t know how to go about doing it.

You can work on connection by imitating your child’s behaviors, being silly with him, playing with him, and using his interests to get into his world.

He may not be into your hobbies, but he certainly has activities that he thoroughly enjoys. Although you may need to spin tops, line up cars, blow bubbles, or play video games, you will probably get to see things from a whole new perspective. If you and your child share a few seconds of enjoyment connecting, even if the moment is fleeting, it is totally worth it. After all, life is special because of these moments.

What do you think your child wants others to know about him or her? Please share below.

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