Autism Awareness Tips and Inspiration – Days 6-10

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, you can visit this page for 30 days of tips, strategies, and inspiration, also known as the Piece of the Puzzle Series!

Days 6-10

    1. April 6th – Many parents think that during a vacation or on the weekend, their child likes to relax by not having to follow a schedule. However, this is typically not true for kids with autism. Your child most likely thrives with structure and knowing what is happening next in his day. Having a schedule is actually calming and relaxing for him.
    2. April 7th – If homework time is a nightmare, be sure to tell your child’s teacher about it. Perhaps accommodations can be made, such as less assignments. The teacher may also be able to offer you some suggestions and strategies that she finds successful in the classroom. Here’s a blogpost that I wrote on the subject, filled with more recommendations.
    3. April 8th – When you are out and about this weekend, I encourage you to get a little something for your child’s teacher. Nothing says THANK YOU like a delicious treat. Your child’s teacher works so incredibly hard. Even though you both may not always see eye-to-eye, let her (or him) know how grateful you are for their hard work and dedication.
    4. April 9th – Support is so important. I encourage you to click here today to join our free Autism Educates Community. My being a member, you will have access to call recordings, articles, and lots of other goodies. You will also be part of our great online community!
    5. April 10th – Reach out to your child’s teacher and ask, “Who does my child connect with in your class? Can  you give my phone number to his/her parents, please?” Taking the first step to set up a playdate can be the hardest. After all, your child may have pretty significant social skills challenges. However, if you don’t give him opportunities to be successful and learn new things, how is he ever going to make friends? Contact this child’s parents, invite everyone over for lunch, and get ready for a fun day. Chances are that this other family has fears around playdates too.

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