6 Activities to Help Your Child Have a Great Start to the School Year

It’s a brand new school year, a time for a fresh-start, new goals and objectives, and setting your child up for success! Here are 6 activities and strategies that you can implement, right this very moment, to help get your child on the right track.

1. Role-play possible situations. Practice different scenarios that your child may encounter during his first few days of school. Include scenes such as: meeting a new friend, seeing an old friend, questions he can ask his new and old friend, taking turns talking about his summer, sitting in a new seat, asking for help, etc.
2. Create a visual schedule to help your child know what to expect during his school day. Talk to the teacher ahead of time and request a school schedule. Create a picture schedule so that your child clearly understands his daily routine.
3. If possible, show him photographs of his new classroom. Take pictures ahead of time, or ask the teacher to send you some photos. Talk to your child about where his belongings will go, where he will be sitting, and what his new classroom looks like. The more prepared he is, the less stressed out he will feel.
4. Talk to your child about his feelings. Let him know that it’s okay to feel nervous, anxious, and unsure. He will become more comfortable as the school year progresses.
5. Create a back-to-school home-routine to make the transition as structured as possible. Starting with the first day of school, create a predictable routine so that your child knows what to expect as soon as he walks in the door. Include downtime, a snack, homework time, and playtime in this visual schedule.
6. Limit electronics. Start winding down electronics (including TV) time. Explain to your child that you are preparing his brain and body for the school year to set him up for success. Use a timer and visual cues to help him understand that you are limiting his screen-time.

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