Back-to-school tips

In honor of back-to-school, here are a few tips to get your child on the right track this school year.

Going back to school can be overwhelming for both you and your child.

These reminders will help everyone stay calm, cool, collected, and focused on a successful school year.

1. Every morning on the way to school, you and your child should say aloud: Today is a new day. I’ve got this. I am going to have a great day.”

Starting the day with positivity puts you both in a healthy frame of mind. Everyone will get a lot more done with peace and ease, when they believe they can do it.

2. Review the class rules with your child every morning. Set him up for success by explaining class expectations. Different places have different rules, and your child needs reminders of which rules to follow in each setting. Be sure to state the rules positively. So, if no hitting is a rule, then be sure to also say, keep your hands to yourself.

3. Make sure that you wake up a little bit earlier for the first few weeks of school. Nobody likes to be rushed. When you are in a hurry to get somewhere, doesn’t it stress you out? Your child feels the same way, especially if he has sensory challenges and has difficulties getting his energy up and at em in the mornings. Do everyone a favor and wake up at least 20 minutes earlier, until your school morning routine is in full swing.

4. Use a morning checklist so that your child knows everything that he needs to complete before school. Include brushing teeth, going to the bathroom, getting dressed, eating breakfast, getting his backpack, and making sure that he has all school supplies and his lunch packed up. Use this time to promote and foster independence. Have your child check off each item as he completes it.

Implement these strategies every day for the first month of school, and you will begin to notice happier, calmer mornings.

Have a great transition back-to-school!

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    Thanks a lot for this important information very helpful my nephew is non verbal how do we deal with such a case.

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