What is an awesome autism activity?

Who knew that a pandemic would spark my inner love for creating activities for not just my child, but also yours?

Here are the important ingredients for a successful activity these days:
  1. It needs to be budget friendly, and by that I mean we have to figure out creative things to do with the materials that we already have in our home.
  2. It needs to sustain my child’s attention for more than 3 minutes.
  3. It needs to be screen-free. In our home, we are not big fans of using technology for educational purposes (our son is only 3), unless we absolutely have to.
  4. It needs to be educational. Children learn through play, so my definition of educational includes learning from experimenting, finding things to do when he is bored, using his imagination, and exploring different materials. As long as he is actively and safely engaged in an activity, learning something new, maintaining a learned set of skills, and having fun… I believe that it is educational.

Sometimes, my son is not open to learning something if I am obvious about teaching him. He knows that I work with other kids, and if he thinks I am acting like his teacher, he is not a fan. This means that I have to get creative in my approach. You might find me sitting on the floor and exploring play-doh as if I was 3, making ridiculous noises to get his attention, and having the time of my life pouring water into different sized containers. If he thinks that I am having a ball, then he wants in! It’s all about the approach.

My passion for creating, researching, and adapting fun educational activities has inspired my new parent group, Awesome Autism Activities. After 20 years of creating lessons for my clients in their homes, coming up with practical strategies to reach children all over the world, and now inventing and implementing activities for my toddler, it makes sense that I am finding real joy creating Awesome Autism Activities for families during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What does this mean for you?

It means that every day you get to tap into my brain, take advantage of my 20 years of experience, and enjoy activities and practical strategies that I am curating for families who have kids with autism. Now that we know that this pandemic is continuing to affect families and teachers all over the world, schools continue to be closed, and we have no idea if and when life will resume as we once knew it…I have commited to sending you awesome activities now through at least the end of August (and maybe even longer).

Finances are tight, for everyone, which is why I am only charging a one-time fee of $20 for months and months of support. You will also get to chat with me, other teachers, and parents in our private Awesome Autism Activities group. And to top it all off, you will receive my Social Skills Workbook PDF.

If you would like to join us, please do! I would love to have you in our group!

Click here for the deets!

Join the Awesome Autism Activities Group to receive support and activities during Covid-19 and beyond!

Get immediate help, receive activities, and access visual tools starting today.

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