Jennifer Lingle, founder of Autism Educates, has worked with thousands of parents, teachers, and children with autism since 1999 to help turn obstacles into opportunities. She is passionate about not only educating others about autism, but also allowing autism to educate the world. Through connection and acceptance, together we can thrive. Jennifer is dedicated to improving the quality of life for those affected by autism. She has created Autism Educates so that families and educators can access top-notch support to assist those they love. Allow autism to brighten your world by joining our free Autism Educates Community.

Autism Educates can help you:

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You can get immediate solutions to some of your child’s challenges by setting up a call with Jennifer Lingle, M.Ed. Whether it’s a sensory, behavior, communication, or social skills challenge, you will receive practical strategies and techniques to help you and your family in your home, school, and community. If life is feeling overwhelming and you need a lifeline, click here to set up your call.

Products and Programs

Products and programs have been specifically designed to HELP YOU HELP YOUR CHILD. These products include: The Social Skills Workbooks for young children and teens, The Visual Tool Kit, which includes 12 visual strategies for you to print and use at home, and the Autism Parent Tool Kit DVD Home Study Program. Do-It-Yourself Online Programs include: the Social, Sensory, and Communication Clubs, and the Autism Solutions Blueprint.

Join Our Community

The Autism Educates Community was designed to offer support to parents and teachers who interact daily with children affected by autism. By becoming a member, you will receive access to our private Facebook group, exclusive q&a calls, and free video trainings.

Awesome Helpful Blog

You can read free articles to help you with behavior, social skills, sensory challenges, academics, and communication. Every week, Jennifer will send you practical tips and strategies to make life easier for you and those you love.

About Jennifer Lingle, M.Ed.

After earning her Master of Education Degree, Jen started out as a classroom teacher in 1999 and experienced, first-hand, the triumphs and tribulations that come with working with incredible individuals with autism in a school setting. She wanted to do more because she felt limited by the confines of the classroom environment.

In 2006, Jen founded Autism Consulting and Training, Inc. a thriving company that enables her to work with parents, teachers, and children around the world in their homes, schools, and communities.

Jen knows how overwhelming it can be for both teachers and parents to work together and navigate the spinning world of autism. So, in 2012, she started Autism Educates. Her mission is to help bridge the gap between homes and schools by getting parents and teachers working together.

In 2015, Jen created the Autism Educates Community, so that parents and teachers all over the world could access invaluable information free of charge.

Jennifer and her team provide in-home educational services, online support via video technology, and phone consultations to assist families. Autism Educates helps children overcome sensory challenges, and assists with academics, behavior, social skills, and communication challenges.

About Autism Educates


Autism Educates was founded because of the growing need for support and education in our autism community around the world. Autism Educates is where you go to learn the most up-to-date, helpful tips and strategies to assist your child or student! Life no longer needs to be so hard. Whether you are a parent, teacher, autism professional, or person on the autism spectrum, there is something here to assist you.

Autism Educates will help you


Autism Educates is here to help you CONNECT with your child, other families, and teachers. We are helping others ACCEPT and understand autism. By educating yourself and others, learning how to better connect with your child, and teaching yourself and others how to accept autism, you and your child will THRIVE!