Read What Parents are Saying…

Kristina De Los Santos

“Jen’s services have helped Simon greatly with his academic skills, particularly reading, as well as with managing challenging behaviors, such as physical aggression (e.g., pinching, scratching) that had been a result of frustration.


Kristina De Los SantosJen is now a key member of the team of people who assist Simon in making progress, and we really consider her to be a part of our family. One of the best things that has come out of Jen’s work with our son is the deep bond the two of them have formed, which is huge for a kid whose autism makes it difficult for him to connect with other people.


Specific results we’ve noticed since Simon started with Jen include:


  • Progress in literacy—increased recognition of sight words, increased fluency in reading, and stronger interest in books and creating stories.
  • Huge improvement in handwriting legibility and drawing skills.
  • Decrease in aggressive behaviors due to an ability to better regulate feelings of frustration.
  • Improvement in expressive language (e.g., he is better able to tell us when he doesn’t like something).


We have been involved with many different therapeutic activities since Simon was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder six years ago, but we have seen him make the greatest strides through the work he has done with Jen. Jen is enormously invested in her clients and in the autism community in general. She is a highly skilled special educator, her methods are systematic and data-driven, and she has a gift for connecting children with Autism with their families.”

Palmeiro Family

PalmeiroThe services that Jennifer Lingle provided for our daughter Faith were amazing. I specifically recall Faith’s first grade year, a rough one it was. Jen was the answer to our prayers. The support that she offered was beyond anything we could have ever asked. Besides me, Faith’s mom, Jen was a big advocate for our daughter. Faith enjoyed every moment working with Jen. We never heard a complaint from our daughter. Each session was set up for Faith and her individual needs. We cannot express the amount of appreciation we have for Jennifer Lingle; there were days when she was our sunshine.”

A Mother

“I saw my son’s best self often come to the surface with you. We really appreciated your positive problem-solving attitude and also it was super great to talk to someone who understood. It was clear from the get go that you were intelligent and knew your stuff regarding autism. The single most important benefit that we got from our work together is hope. Difficult to quantify but that is by far the most important thing. When things seemed bleak to me, you provided hope. We appreciate you!”

Nick D’Alleva

Photo_Nick_D'Alleva“My son has high functioning autism. He needed additional help scholastically, in math, to achieve at his grade level. He also needed assistance with refining developing social skills and awareness. We received these things and so much more than we could have ever expected.


Ms. Jen obviously has an intuitive gift for finding her “in” with children. Once there, she skillfully worked to implement an individualized plan for my child. She was excellent at evaluating and teaching to his particular learning style!


School meetings can be very stressful. I always felt like my son had an expert advocate in his/our corner. Ms. Jen was always willing to attend meetings or speak with EC personnel, teachers, and administrators. She helped create a reassuring sense that there was an overlap, an integration, between what needed to be learned at school and at home.


We consider her more than a skilled autism service provider. We consider ourselves lucky to have been able to work with her. We consider her a blessing.”

Teresa Becerra, Autism Society of Miami-Dade President & Parent

Teresa Becerra“It has been a pleasure for our family to work with Ms. Jennifer Lingle for the past six years. Our 12-year-old son Robert, who is diagnosed with severe autism, adores Ms. Jen. When Ms. Jen comes over its like Mary Poppins has just walked through the door. His face lights up as he watches her set up and he stays attentive and focused for the entire one-hour session.


Ms. Jen is amazing and has a very special talent for working with our children. The one -hour session flies by as she goes from one lesson and activity to the next. She incorporates music and dancing with each session which our son loves. Jennifer is extremely professional and punctual and has been consistent all the years we’ve known her. My son has progressed so much over the years and we are very thankful to Ms. Jen for helping him achieve so many milestones.”

Leigh Ann Coddington

Leigh_Ann_Coddington“Andy was acting out in public to the point I could not take him anywhere and he was not progressing developmentally. I was feeling incredibly out of control and embarrassed. I knew that I was a good parent, but parenting someone on the spectrum needs new rules and techniques. Jennifer taught me the importance of setting goals for Andy and gave me strategies to achieve them. Within the first month of working together he was well on his way to being potty trained (after 7 years) and also sleeping in his own bed. This independence he gained has fostered further appropriate development. I now also feel confident when out in public that I have strategies for controlling his behavior. In addition, she also showed me how to organize his toys in a way that made him begin to play with them. Jennifer is very good at what she does and is truly making a difference! Working with her is an investment, but one cannot really put a price on parenting that works.”

A Grateful Dad

“A family must become the real implementers of your suggestions and programs and I think that’s great. Ultimately we are the only ones with the time and the commitment to work with our child to produce meaningful, lifelong change. Through your excellent teaching skills you gave us the tools to do exactly this.


Parents who work with you can expect:

  1. Much more hope than they had.
  2. Solid, measurable long-term improvement in their “guy”
  3. Significantly increased skills, better tools and confidence such that they won’t need many of the services to the extent they did before the engagement.

Debra – Mother

Our oldest son was diagnosed at 3 years old with autism and sensory processing disorder-at that time he scored 1 point from a severe diagnosis. I was devastated and also scared because I did not know what that meant for our future. The diagnosis left us frightened and angry and sorry to say-divided on what to do. The desperation I felt to help our son and save our marriage sent me searching for help. We needed to be educated and get on the same page if we were going to be effective as parents and remain together as a family. I feel so very fortunate to have found Jennifer Lingle. She is well educated and highly, highly intuitive on Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder and most importantly-effective. I am thrilled to say with all honesty that today our son is 5 years old and he is now very high functioning and such a happier boy. I am also thrilled to say that our marriage is still intact and we work much better as a team. I attribute all of these successes wholeheartedly to our work with Jennifer Lingle! Without her expertise we would all still be spinning in the baffling world of Autism.