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A personal note from Jennifer Lingle, M.Ed., founder and director of Autism Educates


Dear Amazing Parent,


Thank you for taking steps to help your family.


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You may not hear it often, but you are an incredible parent. You are probably feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and not sure where to turn. Yet, you still get up every day, put one foot in front of the other, and try to find the best possible solutions for your child.


My programs have been designed, tested, and parent approved for over 18 years. You don’t have to spend endless hours researching activities and strategies to help your child. I’ve already done that work for you. You have come to the right place. Get ready to feel less overwhelmed, because I am going to help you through this.


With love and utmost respect,

Jennifer Lingle, M.Ed

The Autism Solutions Blueprint


The Autism Solutions Blueprint is a step-by-step system that teaches you the exact next steps you need to take so that life is easier for you, your child, and your entire family.


You can either spend endless hours on the internet searching for strategies, OR you can join a program designed to answer all of the questions that come up in your daily life, so that you know just what to do to help your child.

Includes 12-months of support:


MODULE 1: Communication

  • Why your child repeats words and phrases from movies and video games
  • How to know what your child wants
  • The ins and outs of conversation
  • Why your child asks the same question over and over again
  • How to teach your child to stay on topic during conversations

MODULE 2: Sensory Challenges

  • Why your child is such a picky eater
  • How to find replacements for inappropriate behaviors
  • How to set up a sensory area in your home
  • Why your child may hit or bite himself
  • Strategies to help your child stay seated

MODULE 3: Transitions

  • Why your child has such a difficult time with transitions
  • Transitioning from preferred to non-preferred tasks
  • Keeping your child calm when it is time to move on
  • Tips and tricks to help with transitioning
  • How to use visuals so that you don’t have to feel like a nag

MODULE 4: Routines

  • Why routines and structure are so important
  • How to enjoy weekends and vacations
  • Fun activities to include in his routine
  • Teaching your child what downtime means
  • Teaching your child how to handle change

MODULE 5: Social Skills

  • Teaching your child about privacy
  • Helping him make and keep friends
  • How to have successful interactions
  • Going out in public
  • How to teach proper hygiene

MODULE 6: Behavior

  • Why your child is having meltdowns
  • How to replace inappropriate behaviors
  • Creating rules
  • Creating an effective discipline system
  • How to handle sneaky escapes

MODULE 7: Self-Help Skills and Independence

  • Top 12 self-help skills that you should focus on
  • How to help your child help himself
  • Which chores your child should be completing
  • Promoting community independence
  • Planning for the future

MODULE 8: Structured Home Environment

  • How to organize your home environment
  • Assisting with sleep challenges
  • Promoting safety in the home
  • 6 areas that you must set up for your child
  • How to get siblings to share toys

MODULE 9: Play

  • How to connect with your child
  • How to get him interested in you
  • Enjoying your child and having fun
  • Teaching pretend play and imagination
  • Handling repetitive interests

MODULE 10: Support Network

  • How to work with people, and not against them
  • Reaching out and accepting help
  • Important info that everyone should know about your child
  • Parents and teachers working together
  • How to get the community to support your child and autism

MODULE 11: Visual Tools

  • The most import visuals that you should be using right now
  • Myth or fact: Visuals hinder speech
  • Does your child recognize words, photos, or symbols
  • How to use a visual schedule
  • Why visuals are essential

MODULE 12: Next Steps Action Plan

  • What’s next?
  • Setting goals for the future
  • Reviewing your accomplishments
  • Recognizing that YOU DID IT!

Also includes: Access to private Facebook group


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About Jennifer Lingle, M.Ed.


Jennifer Lingle, founder of Autism Educates, has worked with thousands of parents, teachers, and children with autism since 1999 to help turn obstacles into opportunities. She is passionate about not only educating others about autism, but also allowing autism to educate the world. Through connection and acceptance, together we can thrive. Jennifer is dedicated to improving the quality of life for those affected by autism. She has created Autism Educates so that families and educators can access top-notch support to assist those they love.

Jen’s ability to communicate with parents and assess the educational and emotional needs of a student is outstanding. She truly loves working with people, listening to their needs and providing guidance. She has been a true asset to my daughter’s huge improvement. We can’t say ‘Thank you’ enough for what you’ve done for our daughter and all the students you teach and love. You’ll never know what your child can accomplish if you don’t give them the opportunity.

Pinero Family

Jennifer taught me the importance of setting goals for Andy and gave me strategies to achieve them. Within the first month of working together he was well on his way to being potty trained (after 7 years) and also sleeping in his own bed. This independence he gained has fostered further appropriate development. I now also feel confident when out in public that I have strategies for controlling his behavior.

Leigh Ann, Mom

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