The Autism Parent Tool Kit™
DVD Home Study Program

For Parents, Teachers, and Families!

The Tools Parents Need To Succeed Workshop held in Asheville, North Carolina was wonderful!! The event was recorded so that you can experience the workshop in your home! Jennifer Lingle, M.Ed. has created an amazing home study program that includes the workshop on DVD and CD, the Social Skills Workbook Digital Download, and the PowerPoint of the training.

Only $97.00

The Autism Parent Tool Kit™ DVD Home Study Program includes:


  • DVD of the presentation
  • CD’s so you can listen to the presentation in your car
  • A printout of the Powerpoint presentation
  • Worksheets that we reviewed during the presentation
  • A custom-designed Social Skills Workbook PDF to help you connect with your child

How will this Autism Parent Tool Kit™ help you?


Imagine being able to watch The Tools Parents Needs to Succeed DVD at home with your family. This DVD is for parents of children with autism who are looking for solutions to everyday problems. If you are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed or would benefit from some great techniques and strategies, then this DVD is for you! You will also be able to follow along with the Powerpoint using the printouts from the presentation. In addition, we are including worksheets and our Social Skills Workbook PDF.

The Autism Parent Tool Kit™ DVD Home Study Program
will be shipped out to you and should arrive within 7-10 business days.


Take the steps you need to make your home more Autism friendly.

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