Visual Tool Kit PDF

What are Visual Tools?

Visual Tools include custom-designed pictures or symbols that help break down tasks for your child. Research shows that children on the autism spectrum are typically visual learners. Visual tools act as a constant reminder of what rules need to be followed and what steps are involved in an activity. They help your child understand the world around him and promote communication and independence.


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Do you answer YES to the following questions?


  • Do you find yourself repeating directions for your child all day long?
  • Does your child need reminding to complete tasks?
  • Does s/he get frustrated when s/he needs to transition from one activity to another?
  • Does s/he ask you, “Where are we going? Where are we going?”


If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Visual Tool Kit PDF is PERFECT for you!

What is included in your Visual Tool Kit PDF?


  • There are 12 Visual Tools in your tool kit.
  • The tool kit is for boys and girls.
  • You will also receive detailed instructions on how to use your task strips and rules.
  • The list of visual tools.
    • Shower Task Strip
    • Boy Standing Up Bathroom Task Strip
    • Boy Sitting Down Task Strip
    • Brushing Teeth Task Strip
    • Washing Hands Task Strip
    • Bedtime Task Strip
    • Bath Time Task Strip
    • Dinner Rules
    • Playtime Rules
    • Work Rules
    • Girl Bathroom Task Strip
    • Girl Bedtime Task Strip

Why does your child need the Visual Tool Kit PDF?


  • Your child needs the structure and support of visuals to thrive.
  • S/He will learn to understand her/his home environment better.
  • S/He will understand the rules and your expectations more clearly.
  • Your child will become more independent because s/he will not be relying on your verbal cues.
  • Your child will practice reading skills by identifying pictures and words.
  • Your home environment will run smoother.
  • Your child’s inappropriate behaviors will be minimized because s/he will better understand your requests.