The Autism Educates Social Club for Parents
is now OPEN!

Our next group starts on February 3rd, 2020.

one time payment of $97


Weekly Focus Activities, Strategies, and Visual Tools
Each Monday, for 8-weeks, you will receive an email with an activity, strategy, and/or visual tool to help your child with:

  • Learning what a friend is and how to make friends
  • Play-skills such as sharing and turn-taking
  • Handling mealtimes both in your home and in a restaurant
  • Expanding your child's interests
  • Learning the difference between respectful and disrespectful behaviors, and expected and unexpected behaviors
  • Learning real-world skills including avoiding danger and understanding the importance of good hygiene
  • Stopping meltdowns in public
  • Understanding the ins-and-outs of conversation
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Private Social Club Facebook Group
LIFETIME access to a supportive exclusive community with Jennifer Lingle and other parents

  • You will be among like-minded parents who have been in your shoes
  • You will get answers to your individual questions
  • You will know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 
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Jennifer Lingle will help you help your child

  • You can check into your Facebook Group each week to review your successes and challenges
  • You will receive guidance, feedback, and support to help you successfully implement your new strategies
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Together we can turn obstacles into opportunities

The Autism Social Club is $97.00.


Read What Parents Are Saying


"There is a lot to be said for community"

The Social Club provides quick and easy access to not only the wealth of knowledge and experience Jen possesses, but also to other parents who "get it." The weekly emails keep me attentive and engaged in strategies that may benefit my son on a day-to-day basis. If I come across something in this program that may help him in the school setting, I do not hesitate to share that with his teacher as well. 

The Facebook group also serves as a powerful tool of connection. Parenting a child with autism, even of the high-functioning variety, can at times be exhausting. Having a "sounding board" of parents who understand and have often dealt with or are dealing with the exact same issues is a powerful thing. There is a lot to be said for community and camaraderie.

~Lee Wallace - Mom of an awesome child with autism


"My son's communication has grown..."

The best part of being in the Social Club is the accountability and the comments from other members.  Jen gave exercises where I had to check in to report my progress which held me accountable.  It was also cool to see responses from other members so I didn't feel like I was at this alone.

My son's communication has grown to where he starts conversations without being prompted!

~Momma of a young boy with autism